• K&D Body Adhesive and Sealant (Pack of 3)

Fast curing, elastic single-component adhesive and sealant on a polyurethane base, which hardens due to humidity.

  • wide adhesion spectrum, strong adhesion
  • capable of sealing gaps of different sizes
  • permanent sealing effect, permanently elastic and vibration-resistant
  • can be re-coated, silicone free, weatherproof and UV-resistant
  • non-corrosive, resistant to diluted acids and alkali solutions


Universal applications in body and container construction: Sticks metal (raw, primed and varnished sheet steel, aluminium, stainless steel) and many plastics as well as wood and glass, e.g. during sealing work of metal constructions, highly loaded joints, adhesion of vibrating parts.

Temperature and high humidity accelerate the hardening process, can be repainted once fully hardened.

Available in Black, White or Grey.

K&D Body Adhesive and Sealant (Pack of 3)

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